[kwlug-disc] (Government) Electronic recycling program changed?

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 11:04:29 EDT 2011

At this point Bill I've seen nothing to indicate the program has changed in
the manner you described. One of the parters we use in Waterloo, Eco-Tech,
also still seems to be accepting eWaste at no charge. We recently
(yesterday) took a large amount of stuff their way (including systems,
printers and CRT monitors) and there was no difference/fee to drop off.

The gentlemen indicated this has hit many firms, but Best Buy, he
> believes, is still accepting material for recycling.

It sounds to me that the person at Canada Computers didn't know what the
heck they were talking about and perhaps they got fleeced by some other
non-OES agency. I also spoke with a FutureShop employee last week who said
he was bringing his old ewaste to Futureshop, so the CC employee may have
not been correct on that point either.

Please feel free to bring eWaste down to The Working Centre's computer
recycling project. We generally try to only accept computer-related eWaste,
but from time to time we've also taken other small electronics (we pass a
lot of what we don't use to Eco-Tech in Waterloo).

I know that the first year the OES did not meet the government mandated
targets, in fact they were barely at half. Last year however things turned
around a lot and the program has gained a lot of ground and support.

We generally don't work with Best Buy or Future Shop so you may want to call
these organizations before dropping off there, but last I heard and checked
they were still both accepting items.

The OES web site http://www.recycleyourelectronics.ca/ still lists both Best
Buy and Future Shop as local OES drop off sites (along with us and at least
half a dozen other sites).

I'll look into this a little further, but at this point I'm quite confident
that it's just a misinformed employee or organization.


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