[kwlug-disc] tasks on android [was: zim wiki - android version / equivalent?]

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Thu Jul 14 16:46:39 EDT 2011

Chris Irwin wrote, On 07/14/2011 3:31 PM:
> On Thu, Jul 14, 2011 at 13:53, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca>
> wrote:
>> Chris Irwin wrote, On 07/14/2011 1:15 PM:
>>> On android I also have "Simple Calendar Widget" that gives a
>>> nice calendar display in the background (nicer to look at than
>>> the built-in calendar widget). On my computer I use 'gcalcli',
>>> a command-line interface.
>> Does this interact with anything, e.g. google?
> It is just a widget display that shows one or more calendars from
> the google calendar app in Android. That in turn auto-syncs with
> google.
>> zim wiki, it seems to me, is a two-pane outliner. And a rich one
>> at that. As Raul points out.
> I've been using it intermittantly. I'm half switched from tomboy
> for notes on the desktop. Not sure if I'll stay using it, but it is
> quite good.
>>> Tasks: I'm currently using google's tasks functionality for
>>> this, though it is extremely basic in regards to functionality.
>>> I'm using an app called 'gtasks' to sync the tasks to my
>>> android device (also provides a nice widget). I haven't found
>>> anything for my palm. I haven't found any decent command-line
>>> interface to it either.
>> What is gtasks sync'ing to? Evolution?
> gtasks is an android app that syncs with google.

D'oh. Guess I assumed the g in gtasks was for Gnome. Should have 
thought Google, I guess.

>>> I don't use the tasks very often as I find it a pain to use.
>> Tasks seem to be an acquired taste (and discipline). Google's
>> version of tasks make acquiring that taste hard. It doesn't help
>> that the idea of tasks impinges upon the ideas of project
>> management and the idea that there are many more tasks/things
>> that one can/should do. Which can easily overwhelm the PIM/tasks
>> interface, burying the 'now' in a lot of annoying extraneous (for
>> that moment) background noise.
> I have acquired the taste, I haven't aquired a works-everywhere 
> solution, or one that fits in with my desired functionality.

Yeah. I believe many are in that boat with you. I don't understand why 
it (the boat) hasn't submerged under the weight of everybody in it, 
yet. I presume for lack of ways to sufficiently monetize it for a 
group of people to be willing to develop it. (Let alone korganizer / 
evolution / sync interoperability.)

> For example, I absolutely love devtodo and taskwarrior on the
> desktop. I can class tag entries as 'soon', 'freetime', pin them to
> projects, etc. One of those (taskwarrior I think) supported nested
> events and nested todo databases (so I could have a todo database
> per project, and a master 'projects' that referenced them). Problem
> was that even though it was an amazing utility, it was completely
> standalone and on my computer. I can only add or read things when
> I'm at my desk. My workaround for this was a voice recorder. I may
> go back to this solution. As much as it was a pain, it worked.

Thanks for that, hadn't heard of taskwarrior. But, not interested in 
CLI. I get that you are, though.

Wikipedia'ing taskwarrior reminded me of ThinkingRock.

Anyone played with it at all, have any feelings?

> Basically, RTM could work in multiple places, Taskwarrior fit into 
> most of my workflow almost seamlessly..

I looked at Remember The Milk long ago and passed. From what I see of 
taskwarrior, these two apps seem to me to be in entirely different 
classes. Agree, or no?

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