[kwlug-disc] rcs (git?) integration/prevalence? [Was: CSS: varying colours based on inheritance]

John Johnson jvj at golden.net
Sun Jul 10 20:30:39 EDT 2011

On 2011-07-07 11:50, unsolicited wrote:
> Does this seem to point out that rcs needs (should? could?) to be 
> buried within (not that we like hidden things) within the kernel? Or, 
> rather, somehow, not sure where, better integrated into normal current 
> 'workflow'?
> Almost feels like this is a file system thing. Which (such facility) 
> is perhaps already present?

On the "file system thing", the non-*ix VMS will automatically keep revs 
of a document until purged e.g. filename.txt;4 filename.txt;3, 
filename.txt;2 etc.
A request to edit / access filename.txt without the rev will retrieve 
the most recent rev and, if altered, write back the next rev.

IIRC No diffs are done automatically but one can easily generate a diff 
between, for example, filename.txt;3 and filename.txt;2, i.e. ignoring 
the most recent rev if required.

"Could be buried within" VMS (and RSX before). Been there. Done that.

I assume that for *ix, K&R decided not to implement the "file system 
thing". But that was in the time when, elsewhere, it was decided to 
store a date with two-digit year to save space.

RXS and VMS came later. And for *ix, sccs and rcs came later.

Thanks for info on BTRFS.


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