[kwlug-disc] UBB comes to Teksavvy

Darryl O'Neill ldoneill at golden.net
Mon Jan 31 23:21:48 EST 2011

Too many Linux users looking for Free as in Beer internet.
I am not a big fan of Bell or Rogers,  but I am glad no one tells me 
that I have to sell my services to my competitors at fixed prices 
independently of how much  of my services are consumed by my competitors.

Given the price of cable, gas, food, living, I am not seeing 
unreasonable rates listed for internet usage.

Can we end the back and forth on this soon.  This email discussion is 
killing my UBB costs :-)


unsolicited at swiz.ca wrote:
> On Mon, 31 Jan 2011 02:40:52 -0500, Chris Frey <cdfrey at foursquare.net>
> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 02:22:49PM -0500, Kyle Spaans wrote:
>>> Other options appear to be a company called EyeSurf?
>> Glad to see this discussion on the list.
>> My question is, does anyone know of any ISP that will automatically
>> disconnect your line for the rest of the month when you hit the limit,
>> instead of charging "insurance" or an additional fee?
>> The additional fees seem excessive, and I'd rather not have to even
>> worry about them.
> Don't know of any, not sure I'd want them to - unless they could pick the
> nature of the traffic. (Not sure I even want to have that discussion with
> them, either!)
> You might check your router and/or torrent client for some useful setting.
> IIRC, for me it's $2/GB over the cap, max'ing out at $25/month.
> So, if I'm going to go over, and can allow smtp, www, and the like, I'm ok
> with that. I doubt those few would cost me more than the first $2. (I don't
> do streaming, and VERY little You Tube.)
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