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Sorry, meant to elaborate on that one but my Blackberry sent by accident. UBB is a vicious attempt to use one monopoly to leverage oneself into another. Or looked at another way, Bell is leveraging additional profit from every single service offered on the internet. It is absolutely the equivalent of Canada Post demanding a cut of every payment made on a bill that is mailed to a customer. 

To give one potent example, every Netflix.ca customer will be paying Netflix about 9 dollars a month, and Bell about a dollar per movie.

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On Sun, January 30, 2011 2:27 pm, rbclemen at gmail.com wrote:
> Co-location doesn't matter from what I hear. The charge will be for anyone
> using bell's copper. Yes it is unbelievably stupid.

Don't mean to be provocative here - guess I'm just uninformed.

Why is UBB "unbelievably stupid"?

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