[kwlug-disc] UBB comes to Teksavv

Pete Dixon dixonpete at gmail.com
Sun Jan 30 15:57:55 EST 2011

I've been using Eysurf for phone and Net since the beginning of the year and
like them a lot. Much cheaper than Bell.

There was a a brief 2 hr network outage in the first week but other than
that it's been clear sailing. All phone features, free long distance in
Canada, unlimited downloads and good speed and no throttling. Hard to beat.
Apparently they are independent of Bell's restrictions ( I asked).

> I got an email last night from Teksavvy telling me that as of March 1,
> my internet will be Usage Based Billed: 25GB monthly bandwidth
> cap at $1.90/GB for every GB over the cap...
> As much as I like Teksavvy and know that this isn't their fault, I'm
> going to switch my ISP before March. Yak seems like the only
> reasonably choice here in KW and I think we've talked about them
> before. They seem to be unaffected by Bell due to colocating
> DSLAMS in COs or ROs, offer dry-loop DSL, and I can use my
> own modem. Apparently their customer service is bad though.
> Other options appear to be a company called EyeSurf?
> Thoughts?
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