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Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Jan 22 21:27:55 EST 2011

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I am forwarding this post from John, which got bounced because of the

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> Maybe I am also aging fast, but I agree that the font looks smaller.

I did a screen shot on my system of the old site, which is replicated on a server of mine and the new live site. In both cases I reset the zoom in Firefox just in case, before taking a screen shot. Because I took a tar of the site and an exact replica of the database I expect my copy is the same as the old site. The only change is that I had to update Drupal and a couple of modules.

I've attached Gimp files if anyone is interested in a more in-depth comparison or to check mine.

The result:

Node headings
  Example: "KWLUG Meeting: Monday, February 7 2011"
  Old site size: 13 pixels
  New site size: 14 pixels

Node body text:
  Example: "The doors open for conversation, networking...."
  Old site size: 9 pixels
  New site size: 9 pixels

Site title:
  Example: "KWLUG - The Kitchener Waterloo Linux User Group"
  Old site size: 16 pixels
  New site size: 17 pixels

Site slogan
  Example: "Serving Waterloo region and beyond"
  Old site size: 8 pixels
  New site size: 8 pixels

Navigation buttons:
  Example: "About KWLUG", "FLOSS Fund", "Meetings", ...
  Old site size: 8 pixel text, 26 pixel button
  New site size: 9 pixel text, 26 pixel button

  Example: "Recent FLOSS Fund donations" and "Audacity"
  Old site size: 11 pixel heading, 9 pixel body
  New site size: 9 pixel heading, 9 pixel body

To summarize:

In all but one case the text is the same size or larger, Only block headers are smaller and they're blue.

John Van Ostrand 
CTO, co-CEO 
Net Direct Inc. 
564 Weber St. N. Unit 12, Waterloo, ON N2L 5C6 
Ph: 866-883-1172 x5102 
Fx: 519-883-8533 

Linux Solutions / IBM Hardware 

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