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John Van Ostrand john at netdirect.ca
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> I could live with my cell, but I don't want to change my "home"
> number. To be honest, I could probably not even answer it, and just
> have voice mail email to me and I can call back from my cell.

You could just pick up an Unlimitel account, port your number to them and buy the emergency forward option, where the number is forwarded to another number if VoIP isn't up.
> I already have a server running 24/7. It serves media to my TV via
> mediatomb, and provides storage and backup for my other machines
> (mine+wife's laptops, my desktop). I may end up getting a lower-power
> dedicated device, but for the moment I'll just use as much of what I
> already have as possible.

In that case you can get FreePBX and install it on your existing server. You won't get some of the add-on features that Trixbox provides but it gives you a web GUI for configuration and a great leg up on dial plans.

> I've tried to enable QoS on my WRT54G, and always found it unstable. I
> have a WNDR3700 which is much faster, and has more RAM. But as I said
> above, I haven't got that working yet.
> I'd love to enable shaping for many reasons. Netflix & bittorrent
> (bulk but not timely data) kills any online games (tiny but timely
> data), etc.

It can only effectively provide shaping for outgoing packets. We discussed on the list the possibility of shaping inbound traffic by shaping outgoing or dropping some incoming packets but for most intents and purposes you can only directly shape outgoing traffic. At least your callers would hear you correctly.

I wish there was some point-to-point protocol that could exchange shaping rules with end-points.

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