[kwlug-disc] UBB, VOIP, and my wallet

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Mon Jan 31 15:34:52 EST 2011

I've been crunching the numbers with this UBB thing, and it looks like
my bill will be going from $40 to $56 to keep the status quo. Not a
nice change. I've been looking where I can cut back, and I can't see
myself using less bandwidth. Now that we've got netflix, I can easily
see us using more.

That leaves non-internet places to cut back, the big one being my
landline. I'd like to switch to Unlimitel, but am stuck in that "It's
new and scary" phase (and wishing I didn't daydream during all those
presentations Lori did). I've got a few questions:

- What kinds of costs do people usually see? I usually talk on the
phone for maybe an hour or two in a month, total. At $3.50 for the
number and 1¢/min, I get 650 minutes per month at $10, way more than I
expect to use. Assuming $10 will give me $20 savings over what I pay
with now with Bell. ($40 with Bell, but $10 for new dry-loop DSL

- Is Trixbox still the way to go?

- Where does one get the adapters to use a regular phone? I think
network-devices would be best, so I could set up my VOIP machine on a

Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>

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