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> VoIP may not like the SSD. IIRC SSDs are slower and could impact on
> the
> real time requirements of VoIP.
> John Van O (and others) may know better than I.

I have an opinion but no experience on this one.

The real-time requirement of VoIP has more to do with time-slicing audio than storing voice mails and such. Audio in VoIP is sampled 8000 times a second and the technology expects packets on a regular and consistent basis or things like echo and lost audio occur. Supposedly some VMs don't give processing time evenly or often enough for VoIP to sample evenly and/or for packet streaming to be consistent enough. I've also heard that lately this is not a problem. I don't know if it was software changes on the VM, Asterisk or Linux sides.

Many VoIP systems run on flash and store voice mail flash. It's a good platform for a voice systems because of its stability. Companies expect voice systems to last unmaintained for a decade or longer but high power servers, fans and spinning disks disrupt that expectation. A small VoIP "appliance" should be better at meeting those expectations.

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