[kwlug-disc] [OT] linux server power

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Mon Jan 31 09:33:24 EST 2011

In terms of lowering my electrical costs, I'm leaning towards getting 
rid of both the servers in my basement and replicating everything on one 
of our desktops.

Server 1:  handles our Voip
Server 2: handles our internal client database, runs apache because our 
webserver pushes our website purchases to our internal database in real 
time, and it handles archives and backups of our website and desktops.

 From there we have two desktops that are currently left on all the 
time.  All four machines running linux.

I'm starting to think that the voip and database/web stuff can run on my 
wife's desktop.  She only does admin work so doesn't really use any 
processing. No reason she can't run asterisk and apache/mysql in the 
background.  The only thing that puts any strain on the machine is a 
windows virtual machine she runs.

The backups I'm still working through.  My wife's computer has an SSD 
drive in it, I could add a large sata hd and run the backups to her 
machine at night.  I zip an entire copy of everything every night, for 
archive purposes and that does use some horsepower.  I'm pretty sure I 
can get around that requirement with a bit of work though.  I'd have to 
see how much sound running a sata drive ads as well, right now her 
machine runs very silent.

Then I get rid of both servers in the basement.  Next, all the equipment 
other than the actual computer (screens, speakers, printers, scanners) 
go on a seperate power bar that gets turned off every night.  Since the 
two computers we have are newer, I would expect that they're not overly 
energy hungry.  The only thing on outside of business hours then is 1 or 
two base computers, down from 2 computers, 2 servers, 2 laser printers, 
2 sets of speakers, 2 monitors and a large scsi scanner.

How does that plan sound to everyone?

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