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Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 29 20:35:10 EST 2011

I plugged my watt-o-meter to my Pentium III 400 Mhz.

After 12 hours the cost at $0.062 was 4 cents. Extrapolating: $30 / year

The average power consumption was 70 Watts 

Using a 7 watts computer the cost would be $3.00

If it costs $100, it pays back in less than 4 years.

I found these plug computers (based on the sheevaplug design). These are full 
blown micro servers I'm seriously considering.
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There are other factors.
1) if I use something quiet and fanless, I can relocate out of the furnace 
room.  That's a plus.
2) Deduct the resale value of a 3.06 ghz tower server and a dual xeon w 8gigs HP 
workstation (maybe $100total?) and payback period could be a year or two.
3) The machines are older, they're not forever.  I'll have to buy new hardware 
before 5 years is up.  So we're really looking at moving a purchase ahead 2-3 
years rather than a brand new purchase.

The 10c per KWH was what the electrician used.  And if his high estimate of 
$30/month is reasonable, and we drop down to $7 a month electrical cost with 
lower hardware, and I sell the old equipment, payback is in less than a year.  
How can I afford NOT to buy new computers?  :).

On 29/01/11 08:24 AM, John Johnson wrote:
> On 2011-01-29 06:57, Raul Suarez wrote:
>> Coincidentally I was reading about trixbox and found this
>> http://www.888voipstore.com/trixbox-ce-micro-appliance.html 
> In context, the power consumption of the "fanless" trixbox PBX (which can run 
>under Linux) is:
> <1W at standby
> 6W at low CPU load
> <7W at 1080p H.264 playback
> 8W at full CPU load
> Assuming a VoIP server at approx. 100W and 7W for the trixbox VoIP server we 
>have a savings of 93W.
> per John Van O
> a 100W load running 24x7 would use 100W * 24H * 30.5 days / 1000 = 73.2 
>kilowatt hours.
> At 10c/KWh that's $7.32/month. (note: the 10c/kWH is an estimate and could be 
>on the high side)
> substituting 7W for 100W we have:
> a 7W load running 24x7 would use 100W * 24H * 30.5 days / 1000 = 5.1 kilowatt 
> At 10c/KWh that's $0.51/month.
> The savings of 93W over 24x7 would be 93W * 24H * 30.5 days / 1000 = 68.1 
>kilowatt hours.
> At 10c/KWh that's $6.81/month.
> Nothing to sneeze at.
> Except when one looks at the payback.
> Assuming a cost of $400 ($US == $CDN) the payback is 58 months or almost 5 
> One would likely need another reason to justify the expense, e.g. downtime, 
>reliability, size, noise, etc.
> Or just simply the geek factor.
> JohnJ
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