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> Why would I subscribe to get continued updates on a previous version
> instead of subscribing to current versions. It's not like MS where new
> versions are  a new OS, the different versions on Mandriva are pretty much
> seamless transitions.

In the Ubuntu universe, there is the concept of Long Term Support releases.

For the desktop, this means security updates for 3 years. For servers, it is
5 years.

For example, 8.04 server was released in April 2008, and will be supported
to April 2013. Even though a newer versions is out (10.04, in April 2010),
the previous LTS version will not be obsoleted until the 3 (or 5) years have

This is very convenient, since there are some niggles occasionally. For
example, 10.04 ships PHP 5.3, which has issues with some Drupal modules (as
has been demonstrated by the recent upgrade). This makes it easy to stay
with the older 8.04 which has PHP 5.2, while the Drupal modules have time to
catch up and are  changed to work with PHP 5.3, over a year or a bit more.

No rush to upgrade means more stability for clients.
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