[kwlug-disc] Where to get older parts like a motherboard?

Darcy Casselman dscassel at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 16:39:29 EST 2011

Don seems to still be able to get ahold of things.  Also, he hangs
around Kwartzlab during our open nights.  So if you're free on a
Tuesday night, maybe drop by the lab and ask around for him, or see if
any of our other packrats--er--members have or know how to get
something like what you're looking for.

This Tuesday might be a slightly less good for this sort of thing,
since it will be an art opening featuring cake. OTOH, there will be


On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 4:31 PM, Unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Thanks to both of you on that, I had forgotten about eWaste. Glad you
> chimed in John J.
> Has Don given any sense of approximate time frame as to when he'll be
> fully re-deployed? Months? Years?
>> I just received an reply from Don (e-waste) with respect to another
>> question I had for him.
>> His inventory is still packed away in trailers after his move away
>> from Duke St. warehouse.
>> I am afraid he will not be able to help just yet.
>> While I am here:
>> Does anyone know where I can get a bulb for an Infocus model X1
>> projector: bulb P/N SHP41?
>> Thanks.
>> John
>> At 08:51 2011-01-08, you wrote:
>>>Don at ewaste management would have lots of options.
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