[kwlug-disc] Block level search and replace

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Wed Feb 23 17:28:49 EST 2011

In the loop below, what happens (if anything) if the information wraps 
lines, i.e. instead of

	for f in *.html ; do
		sed 'above expr'<  "$f">  "/something/newset/$f"

We have

	for f in *.html ; do
		sed 'above
	<  "$f">  "/something/newset/$f"

Does that change anything?

On 23/02/11 05:13 PM, Chris Frey wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 05:04:02PM -0500, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> I've got an old script I can't quite get working.  What's the best way
>> to do a block search and replace across many files?  i.e. the text I'm
>> searching and replacing might be a bit longer than a small line.  like:
>> find:
>> <body><center>
>> Replace with:
>> <body><A href="http://www.example.com">Home</a>  :<a
>> href="/link2">Link2</a>  :<a href="/link3">Link 3</a>
> If you can guarantee that<body><center>  are on one line, you could try:
> 	sed 's,<body><center>,<body><A href="http://www.example.com">Home</a>  :<a href="/link2">Link2</a>  :<a href="/link3">Link 3</a>,'<  filename1>  filename2
> To do that for a bunch of files, wrap it in a for loop:
> 	mkdir /something/newset
> 	cd oldset
> 	for f in *.html ; do
> 		sed 'above expr'<  "$f">  "/something/newset/$f"
> 	done
> - Chris
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