[kwlug-disc] Speech to text

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 12:01:33 EST 2011

Back in 1996 my brother Michael and I went to Comdex in Toronto and
sat down with the folks in the IBM OS/2 camp. They were promoting Warp
4 which had speech recognition built-in. I believe IBM had bought
Via-voice and integrated it in.

Both Michael and I sat down and trained on it for 45 minutes. We also
were around for other people who trained on it.

His voice was fantastic, he could easily move all the windows around
and recognition was really quite good. I was able to move windows
around, but found recognition was not nearly as good as my brother's.
Others had pretty much the same experience, their voice just didn't
register as well as Michael's.

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