[kwlug-disc] How's my driving? CLUE policy coordinator

Russell McOrmond russellmcormond at gmail.com
Fri Feb 18 12:15:04 EST 2011

Sorry for the possibly off-topic intrusion from someone outside of KW.

Every once in a while I like to re-introduce myself to fellow Linux
users.  I'm the policy coordinator for CLUE: Canada's association for
Open Source http://cluecan.ca/policy/

The area of policy that I have been most active in is federal
copyright law.  I have been attending almost all of the Bill C-32
committee hearings in person, posting my thoughts about each meeting
to http://billc32.ca/com

I don't know when I will be invited to speak in front of the
committee, but I want to ensure that I am representing Free/Libre and
Open Source Software developers and users well when I do.

If you haven't seen our copyright policy summary, it is at

If you like it, consider trying to convince your local LUG or other
FLOSS associated group to endorse it.  There are also two petitions
that CLUE has endorsed that you may consider having your association
endorse, and possibly coordinate collecting signatures.

If you want to talk about any of the policy in detail, including how
Bill C-32 will impact FLOSS developers and users, the best place is
likely the CLUE general discussion forum http://www.cluecan.ca/lists

Thanks, and chat more later.

Note: Please forward this to other local LUG/etc groups you may be
part of.  The more that are aware of our work in Ottawa, and the more
feedback and discussion we receive, the better.

Russell McOrmond, Internet Consultant: <http://www.flora.ca/>
Please help us tell the Canadian Parliament to protect our property
rights as owners of Information Technology. Sign the petition!

"The government, lobbied by legacy copyright holders and hardware
 manufacturers, can pry my camcorder, computer, home theatre, or
 portable media player from my cold dead hands!"

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