[kwlug-disc] Terrible hit for FOSS - FUD wins again!

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 11:11:27 EST 2011

Well my wife is an example of the opposite end of the spectrum. I've
actually tried a couple of times to give her Windows and she doesn't
want it. My wife uses the computer for utility reasons, she has a set
bunch of tasks she likes to do: reading mail (mail with powerpoint
presentations, etc.), chatting with family on the MSN network,
creating various documents... and she prefers to do it on Linux.

The last time I asked her about Windows she said, "I don't want it,
I've had too many problems with it in the past." She also seems to
prefer Linux applications. She likes aMSN (a Linux app) much better
than the Microsoft Windows Live Messenger and finds OpenOffice suits
her just fine.

The FUD will always be out there, but those who really give Linux a
try seem to like it. I think having support helps, but I can think of
a couple of people who got Linux boxes, who didn't have a lot of
experience, and are using them without requiring support. One guy got
a couple of machines from us, one Linux box and one Windows machine.
The Windows machine has been back 3 times for "servicing" and the
Linux box none. Each time he brings in the Windows machine he says to
me "boy I sure like Linux, it's just so stable." He's also mentioned
his next powerful machine is going to be Linux...

So FUD is FUD. People are out there that are interested in giving
Linux a good shot. We just need to make sure we're backing it up with
friendly support and not blowing everything out of proportion.



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