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> On Mon, 14 Feb 2011 12:27:29 -0500 (EST), "John Van Ostrand"
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> > One good example of eavesdropping is debugging a voip connection. We
> > had
> a
> > customer with audio quality issues that couldn't articulate how it
> > was
> > bad.
> > It was also hard to determine from the user the degree of the
> > problem.
> >
> > With their knowledge we ran pcapsipdump and captured all the packets
> > for
> > each call. Later using wireshark we inspected a call that was
> > reportedly

> Were you able to solve the problem, and what was the nature of the
> fix, if you can say?
> i.e. If wireshark results led you to the fix, the I presume it was a
> networking issue, OTOH, if pcapsipdump results led you to the fix, I
> presume it was a telephony / voice quality issue. Latency? Dropped
> packets?

We use Wireshark to extract the audio so we could listen to it and qualify the problem. It's stupidly easy to do with Wireshark. It was probably an issue with gain (too much) or echo or something. It was a while ago.

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