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Let me correct you : I am planning to pay $15 a month for my three lines 
including the DID in Mexico. So for a single line that does not get too much 
use, I'd say $5 a month.

If you don't call out too much, I'd expect that you are going to save a big 
chunk of cash. 

And that is my point. If you had to pay someone to set it up and commit to 
resolve problems when you have them, then maybe the trade-off wouldn't be worth 

Trade-offs (thinking of non technical users)

Quality: That is brought up frequently but after years with Vonage and skype 
calls, I think it is no longer an issue in Canada
Initial investment: Server, ATA, Installation cost
Convinience: Another two pieces of hardware to take care off.
e911: emergency calling may be an issue for some people. People need to 
understand the differences well.
Fear of new technology: Will it work? what if something goes wrong? will it 
catch fire? etc. This is very personal and cannot be disconted as a tradeoff

For you and me those tradeoffs may very well be worth the switch.
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I'm unsure this is the case.  I'm paying about $50 a month right now for one 
local phone line with Bell.  I have no friends, so I don't use it.  My daughter 
uses her cell.  So the phone's only used by my wife to talk to her sister, and 
by all the teenage girls calling to giggle at my son.  I suspect when I do 
switch over my monthly costs are going to drop to like $15/month.  That's quite 
a drop, and when you add in the other stuff that comes up - i.e. hooking in 
android cell phones etc, long distance, now it can really make sense.

> I am not sure if it would be cost effective for non technical home phone users
> which just want a simple dial plan. Including support, it may end up costing
> close to a regular line.

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