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When things are working OK, VoIP is very inexpensive, After all, for us the 
configuration and troubleshooting is free when we do it.

I see that appart from cost, the real benefits come when you start configuring 
creative dialplans.

Non technical parties that use VoIP need to rely on someone to configure and 

In that regard, I think it makes sense for businesses that can pay the cost of 
support while getting the benefits of complex dialplans and for home users that 
can do the configuration themselves.

I am not sure if it would be cost effective for non technical home phone users 
which just want a simple dial plan. Including support, it may end up costing 
close to a regular line.
With that in mind. I think that an event like this attracting technical people 
willing to get their feet wet in Linux while getting real value in the form of 
flexibility and lower phone bills, would be a good idea.
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> Given how prominent VOIP is in the community, and it's general
> reliance
> on linux, does the group think my previous idea of the LUG promoting
> VOIP publicly to be a good idea?

I do think that VoIP is something that can be daunting to those new to it. There 
are lots of hardware configuration choices and software configuration choices.

I might participate if the time fit my schedule, but I'd prefer a week night.

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