[kwlug-disc] First impressions: Less than impressed with freeswitch for home usage

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 00:56:34 EST 2011

I heard the great virtues of freeswitch. Lower memory, faster processes, easy 

Kiwi, I am sure that may be the case in your enterprise systems but in a home 
system my experience was less than barely acceptable.

Could it be that I'm doing something wrong? 
I followed the instructions from here (including compiling the sounds):

My Hardware: PIII 400 Mhz with 256 MB RAM, old slow HDD. This is my test 
Once comfortable I'm planning to run DD-wrt, tomato or OpenWrt in a router which 
I expect will be even less powerful.
PAP2T ATA for one extension, 
Ekiga as a soft phone for another extension.

I'm expecting to get 3 DIDs (two Canadian and one Mexican)

I installed Asterisk in that box and have been playing with it without 
complaints (Other than the by-hand configuration)

Installation time, a few seconds using apt-get (older version 1.4)
Updates in seconds using apt-get
idle: CPU 0%, Mem 0.9%
Listening to recording (x600) CPU 2%,  Mem 7.4%
Echo test works perfectly almost no lag
Calling between extensions lagged little less than 1/2 second but very clear.
I've found a lot of information and advise.

Installation time probably 4 hours to git and compile it. (Current git version )
Updates expected to take a similar amount of time
Idle: CPU 5%, Mem 5%

Listening to music (x9664) CPU 6% Meme 5.5%
Recordings and music break (as if playing under the water)
Echo tests (x9195 x9196) don't even work
Calling between extensions: Lagged 1/2 second and call not as crisp.
Information and advise is sparse (to say the least)

And I haven't even tried to install FusionPBX
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