[kwlug-disc] CRTC reviewing UBB decision

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Tue Feb 8 16:10:07 EST 2011

On Tue, 8 Feb 2011 13:58:23 -0500, Colin Mackay <zixiekat at gmail.com>
> Just to add another thread...
> The CRTC is reviewing its decision, which is now up for comment.  I have
> already made some comments, but the more the merrier.
> Here are some points raised by the CRTC to consider, from a CBC article:

It is my impression that the media are not serving us well on this. They
seem to be focusing on increased costs for consumers, perhaps because it's
easy for the masses to intuitively grasp.

Especially given the threads on this list, I do not understand:

- the decision was essentially a license for Bell to print money, without
Bell having any quid pro quo.
- current capacity far exceeds current and near-term use. (I'm assuming.)
- any need to increase capacity is a separate issue, nothing to do with
- go to UBB, it makes sense, but keep or reduce the the total revenue
currently involved. i.e. Those using more pay more, perhaps substantially
more now, but everyone else pays substantially less than they are now, as
they aren't using as much. Revenue neutral.
- (CRTC) dive into and justify current prices, in this, Bell's protected /
regulatory market, finally.
- separate Bell's elements into arms length - e.g. as owners of copper
from content provisioning from access (ISP).
- none of this has anything to do with cell.

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