[kwlug-disc] Asterisk: SIP vs IAX

Raul Suarez rarsa at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 13:34:01 EST 2011

Quality is important. 90% of the phone use at my home is for calls from Mexico.

So it is not the "casual" calling, but hours at a time. :)

So having the local (rarely used) on Unlimitel and the virtual on a crappy line may be a deal breaker.

I'll guess I'll have to try before I disconnect Vonage.

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> > I'll check voip.ms when I get home. It is blacklisted
> at the office
> > "voip telephony". I guess they should have a different
> domain for
> > their web site than their SIP URL :)
> It sounds as if voip.ms might be a good solution for you,
> but I have
> heard from some good secondhand sources (who are on the
> list but
> rarely post) that voice quality can be an issue. 
> Unlimitel is much more expensive (although still cheap as
> compared to
> POTS) and our experiences with voice quality have been
> good. 
> Other people may have different opinions. 
> - Paul
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