[kwlug-disc] UBB Discussion, look at Cogeco

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Tue Feb 1 09:41:52 EST 2011

As an example as alternatives, have a close look at the Cogeco Internet 
packages.  The UBB here is almost in line with the Charges approved by 
CRTC (unlike the TekkSavvy insanity!)

Internet High Speed Plus Lite:


# Download speed of up to 7 Mbps
# Data transfer capacity of 30 GB per month  (This is the one gotchya, the 
CRTC Cap is actually 60GB, so they are profitting from the 30-60 users)

High Speed Internet Lite Plus, data transfer capacity of 30 GB per 
month, $2.00/additionnal GB, $30 monthly maximum applies.

Notice the maxium, only a few dollars more than the CRTC rate to the 
ISP, so for just a little over $60 per month, you get unlimited 
transfer.  Double the cost that some are used to, but not entirely 
complete insanity.

(I'm guessing the profit from the 30-60GB will cover the 75c/GB for 
those over 300GB transfer)

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