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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Wed Dec 21 22:17:05 EST 2011

Here's something that's probably of interest:


         Hackdays are awesome gatherings of hackers/developers who work
    either in a team or alone to build applications with publicably
    available APIs. We started with HackTO in Toronto and had such a
    great time that we rolled out HackDays across Canada.Our first
    destination outside of Toronto was Montreal. hackMTL was a blast and
    the winners are enjoying their awesome prizes! We just wrapped
    HackOTT in Ottawa and HackWaterloo in Waterloo when Brydon Gillis
    who started Guelph's first and only co-working space invited us to
    Guelph. So that's where we are headed on Saturday February 18, 2012.
    So join us.

         For more information and to register click

To be held at the ThreeFortyNine coworking space: 349 Woolwich Ave., 
Guelph, Ontario  http://threefortynine.com/

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