[kwlug-disc] CACert.org trust it or don't? And why doesn't Ubuntu?

Fernando Duran liberosec at yahoo.ca
Wed Dec 21 12:01:26 EST 2011


Their certificate at https://www.cacert.org/ is not recognized by my recent versions of Chrome or Firefox so I wonder what good it is to get an SSL certificate from them for a public web site.

I tried some months ago to get a free certificate from http://cert.startcom.org/ but they didn't issue it and they didn't send me any email or anything.

I end up buying from https://www.thesslstore.com/ -> RapidSSL , the cheapest commercial certificate I know of ($11 - $18/year).


Fernando Duran

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>I'm terribly curious as to what people think about CACert.org this place sounds fantastic especially since you dont have to pay piles and piles of money if your not an organization and still want a good CA.  Its free as a user but costs if you want to donate for the verified button from them.  Seems like a pretty good idea building a CA based on a web of trust basis. 
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