[kwlug-disc] Dec 5 PFSense Overview and Demo

Colin K colin at void11.com
Wed Dec 7 13:19:26 EST 2011

If I had allowed myself more time to come setup I could have captured some
white noise so that I could subtract it from the video. My first concern is
to try and make sure that I can upload the entire meeting without having to
break it into 15 minutes sections.  I've uploaded a video under the
creative commons license so that you can download the video straight from
The angle was a smidgen low but like i said before the video capture of the
projector was especially bad this time.

All things conciddered its not too bad to get the point across.
On Dec 7, 2011 11:48 AM, "Dan's Newsletters" <143news at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 11-12-07 11:01 AM, Gordon Dey wrote:
>> The angle is a tad low, but I can live with that. However, there's this
>> steady, low frequency, "whirring" noise in the background that tries to
>> mask Kiwi. Is it possible to eliminate that?
> Thanks for recording, though, not a night I could make.
>> Gord.
> That noise is the refrigeration units from the kitchen are.   Perhaps
> future meetings could be held closer to the Victoria St end of the building
> near the power panel.  The noise is far less in that area.
> Dan Hergott
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