[kwlug-disc] YouTube size? [Was: Dec 5 PFSense Overview and Demo]

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Tue Dec 6 20:55:46 EST 2011

Colin K wrote, On 12/06/2011 8:32 PM:
> The file is 335Megs after converting to webm from mp4 which was a whopping
> 4gigs ...

Not that I've ever paid attention to youtube file sizes (one normally 
streaming them), but is 335MB an 'atypical' size for a youtube video?

i.e. Isn't that pretty large for youtube?
(And probably explains why HD, I'm guessing, isn't used as much?)

No wonder youtube is often mentioned in the same sentence as netflix 
when bandwidth consumption is being discussed, I'm guessing?

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