[kwlug-disc] SFD presentation callout

Charles M chaslinux at gmail.com
Sun Aug 21 06:14:12 EDT 2011

Stefan Chirila is also confirmed presenting RawTherapee for photography.

> Here are some rumoured presentations that have not been confirmed:
> - Charles McColm: XBMC

If I'm rumoured I might as well be confirmed ;-) Really liking XBMC.

Paul's correct, we still need lots of people to help out with printing
materials, helping with the install fest, burning software, etc. We have a
couple of colour laser printers at TWC, so what we really need are the
bodies willing to put the time into making cd covers and marketing materials
(and people who can modify the template for example to include local info -
e.g. KWLUG).

Here's an idea of some of the materials already pre-made:

> Here is our planning page:
> http://wiki.softwarefreedomday.org/2011/Canada/Kitchener/TWC
> Cheers,

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