[kwlug-disc] Google purchases Motorola (Mobile)?

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Aug 21 00:56:34 EDT 2011

Chris Irwin wrote, On 08/21/2011 12:15 AM:
> On the other hand, I'd consider that a half-fork. At worst, they are
> maintaining a bunch of out-of-tree patches. 'git' provides them with a
> tool that easily allows them to rebase onto upstream kernels, updating
> the patches where necessary. Granted some of those patches are somewhat
> invasive and incompatible with other Linux systems.
> Xen maintained out-of-tree patches for years until they were recently 
> merged.

Reading jj's link, and this, I wonder - how much of this on your own 
stuff is 'we need to focus on this and just get it working', we'll 
clean it up and integrate it later.

[Which is different than Android, etc. being refused entry into the 
mainstream for other (e.g. proprietary, a la Sony - blu-ray/rootkit?, 
Sun - virtualbox?, MS - doc?) reasons.]

Then you have the other (similar) side - CAcert having difficulty 
being accepted as a root authority. (Some of which had to do with 
effecting accepted audit procedures, but not all.)

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