[kwlug-disc] Firkin vs. Zeke's

John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Wed Aug 17 14:02:26 EDT 2011

Hi gang!

for me Zekes just don't do it for me anymore. My main complaint today about all restaurants and pubs is that nothing is brought to your table for less than $5.00. 

I (a) don't want to spend that much for one thing
  (b) don't want to eat that much either. 

Sadly, this is what they have to charge I guess due to the costs of overhead and food. 

But I am in favour of a change. 


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I like the options on the menu better at the Firkin and it's equally close,
and like you mentioned, prices are similar.  I found the food at the Firkin 

pub at the Tannery better than at Zekes.  My vote is for the Firkin.  What
we were told too, is the kitchen is open later... which might work better
for stragglers.

When it was brought to our attention the kitchen was closed at Zeke's

and someone brilliantly suggested we order in pizza, what was the outcome
of that discussion?  Sorry I missed it at the time.  Did they not want us to 

bring in pizza?

- Oksana

On 9 August 2011 13:07, Chris Frey <cdfrey at foursquare.net> wrote:

So, we became lost wanderers last night, when we discovered that Zeke's

kitchen had closed early, and yet we were still hungry.

We ended up at Firkin's pub, and I enjoyed the food so much, and the

prices were actually similar to Zeke's, that I wonder if we should

change it up a bit, and at least alternate between Zeke's and The Firkin

in the future.

I'd vote for that.  What do others think?

- Chris


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