[kwlug-disc] Creative Commons Film Festival

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Fri Aug 12 20:10:55 EDT 2011

Do films that have lapsed into the public domain count?

I am steered by the cinemafficionados in my family to 
http://publicdomainreview.org/ and http://www.archive.org/details/movies


On 11-08-10 05:31 PM, Paul Nijjar wrote:
> As I announced during the meeting, we are thinking of holding a film
> festival/showcase of compelling Creative Commons content for Software
> Freedom Day (Sept 17) this year.
> To get this done, it would be good to get the following things:
> 0. Some recommendations for what to show. (Yes, there is "Big Buck
> Bunny" and "Sita Sings the Blues". What else do you know about that is
> both CC and good for a general non-nerdy audience.)
> 1. Some people to help go through the mountains of recommendations and
> choose the best stuff to show.
> 2. Some people to help staff the event. In addition to this film
> showcase we are going to have regular SFD activities: an installfest,
> demonstration stations, CD handouts, and talks. That means we will be
> short staffed to cover all of these things.
> - Paul

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