[kwlug-disc] OpenStreetMap 7th birthday party and more

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Thu Aug 11 08:21:25 EDT 2011

OpenStreetMap is a Free / Libre / Open Source software project, and
also an Open Data project.  You might have heard me mention it before.
 There are a number of OpenStreetMap-related events coming up in the
near future.  I'm rolling them all into one post rather than er, more
than one.

OpenStreetMap birthday party

In just over one week, the 7th anniversary of OpenStreetMap will be
honoured at parties around the world.  The closest party to KW is
Toronto, on Saturday, 20 August 2011.  You should be there.  This is
also serving as the August meeting of the Waterloo Region OSM group
and the Toronto OSM group.  These events are always fun and there will
be cake.


SummerCamp 2011

Ottawa's fourth annual summer F/LOSS event will be Saturday, 27 August
2011.  Subtitled "Developer's Haven" here will be many interesting
topics in addition to an Intro to OSM talk.  There are also plans for
a mapping party following the conference.


State of the Map

The annual, global, OpenStreetMap conference will be held in North
America for the first time.  Denver, in mid-September, is beautiful.
Come and meet with the global leaders of the OpenStreetMap project.
If you think you are interested in OSM now, you'll be energized and
inspired by the weapon-grade-awesome at this conference.  FOSS4G (FOSS
for Geospatial) conference follows State of the Map in Denver so you
might double up your conferences. Register now to attend.


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