[kwlug-disc] Groklaw Articles Ending on May 16th

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Wed Apr 13 10:31:27 EDT 2011

Ralph Janke wrote, On 04/12/2011 12:06 PM:
>  Well.. this cat will kick a little longer.
> While PJ deserves a rest, all the SCO assets (except of the lawsuit 
> itself) have been sold since Novell has not appealed the sale. Not sure 
> if the sale of Novel to Microsoft friends had something to do with that.

Evidently I've been on some other planet.

SCO got sold?

Oh, hold on, SCO went into bankruptcy and the trustee sold everything off?

> Furthermore, the appeal by SCO is still going on, and while there is 
> probably not a lot of life in it, the patient is still in the in the IU 
> on the heart-lung machine, but not yet brain dead.

But with the loss on the last claim/lawsuit, time is just waiting for 
the date / judge on this one, and is expected to just dismiss it due 
to the last loss?

> All the while other important things are happening, Novell's patent 
> sales to Microsoft and friends.. who knows what consequences this will 
> have. We do not know what mischief the new owner of the Unix copyrights 
> will want to commit.

There's that other planet again. er, sun spots this time. Novell sold 
patents, including Unix, yet is still doing SuSe?

> Furthermore, Oracle has sued Google over Java, and Microsoft is suing 
> everybody but Google over Android.

Oh for Pete's sake. How is java even assailable these days?

> Maybe SCO is slowly dying, but not before the problems have been forked. 
> We still have to be vigilant and put more pressures on legislative 
> bodies in several jurisdictions to finally start to fix the broken legal 
> system in regard of monopoly rights and innovation prospects.

 From Canada?

Where is IBM in all this stuff these days? Seems to me they were 
(trying to?) stay on the high road, and stay out of it as much as 
possible. Except perhaps to assert FOSS, when assailed.

> Just my Canadian 2 cents

Which appears to be US$0.0212, and rising at this point.

Could buy SCO real cheap, CDN, I suppose.

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