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Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sun Apr 10 02:54:36 EDT 2011

Hi:  When sending a link to the list, can you quote the relevant point 
of the story?  I read my e-mail in a mail user agent, not a Web browser, 
so getting just a link doesn't provide any useful information. Then when 
a detailed response is provided it makes no sense at all out-of-context.


Just as an aside, without quoting at least some portion of the story,

On 2011-04-10 at 02:50:54  unsolicited wrote:
> John Johnson wrote, On 04/07/2011 9:45 PM:
>> FYI:
>> http://www.infoworld.com/d/data-center/why-guis-suck-revisited-515?source=footer 
> What a crock.
> I don't disbelieve the story. I've BEEN there. I've done this change, 
> with both types of systems.
> The premise assumes zero benefit to the other 362 days of a year. And 
> all 365 for each year you don't have to do this.
> There are TOO many areas. We all have to get way more done, in a wider 
> variety of areas, than we have time for. You cannot do a deep dive 
> into everything.
> Let alone that it's too simplistic. Every such change presents an 
> opportunity to update, to revamp, to remove some crud. Inevitably 
> taken advantage of. Way more than a simple sed script gets used. And a 
> lot of that is planning, careful transition, and testing. Oh, and, of 
> course, nothing can go down in the interim.
> Some years ago, it seems, an astonishing paradigm change happened in 
> windows - everything went command line. I'm not saying it went well. 
> Far more can be scripted now than ever before.
> Systems are evolving - more and more often there is both a GUI and a 
> command line.
> You may not stick with the GUI long, depending upon how intensively 
> and over what period of time you have to work with a particular thing. 
> But, in the beginning, a gui gives you a forest view instead of a 
> tree, letting you more quickly and graphically sink into an ecosystem. 
> (webmin is probably a good example of this.) For the fine tuning, sure 
> you quickly migrate to the command line - if, the current priority 
> demands more in depth work, and time permits. By if you're drive by 
> problem solving, on the way to what you're really trying to get done, 
> probably due to a hiccup that's impacting you, most will head to the 
> gui first. If you're already comprehensively familiar with all the 
> intervening pieces, that's not true, you don't head for the gui first. 
> But how did you get to the point of being so comprehensively familiar.
> I don't dispute that a command line should always be available - but 
> long live KDE.
> Such stories are a discredit to the IT industry.
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