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Tue Apr 5 18:16:16 EDT 2011

John Van Ostrand wrote, On 04/05/2011 2:54 PM:
> I'm finding it tough to decide on the size. My technology averse
> wife could use it to search for recipes in the kitchen and do the
> occasional web site lookup and a 10" would be perfect for that. But
> I'm thinking an ebook reader is in my future and an 10" seems to
> big. Maybe it means two devices.
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>> The soon-to-be-released RIM PlayBook supports Android apps,
>> although it's an older version, perhaps RIM will upgrade it
>> later.
>>> From: John Van Ostrand <john at netdirect.ca> Subject:
>>> AM I'm thinking of getting an Android tablet but we are at the
>>> cusp of 3.0 devices being released. Should I wait? Or can I buy
>>> a 2.2 tablet and upgrade to 3.0?

Does she look up recipes now?

I could see, with hands covered in flour, being able to give voice 
commands, 'scroll down', or 'call them all for supper', could be useful.

At what point does it become time to give a room it's own dedicated 
computer appliance? e.g. A small laptop, or 'computer in a display' 
mounted under a cupboard with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse combo?

- news sites
- mythtv front end
- LinuxMCE controller
- media player, be it music or youtube
- video/phone
- intercom
- follow me (lights turn on/off as you move through the house / music 
stops playing in one room, begins in another)

Hmmm. Are such, or tablets, or wi-fi pda's, the new cordless phone?

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