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John Kerr jkerr0102 at rogers.com
Sun Apr 3 22:12:00 EDT 2011

Hi Gang

I do not like the bottom half of the copyright act. That is the parts that we can't break or tamper with the DRM or TPM. 

However, now that Jim Prentice is gone (good riddance!!!), the new Bill is much better than the first Bill. Even Michael Geist said that the new Bill is fixable. The fact that some Bill was not forced through Parliament says a lot in favour of the Conservatives.
Remember copyright is not a real button pusher with most voters, they could have pushed a Bill favouring the RIAA and most people would not have cared -- until after the fact.

And the Conservatives did bring the CRTC to task about the UBB. 

As a former NDP supporter, now supporting the Conservatives the best way to describe me is a Red Tory, and there are still lots of us around, not every conservative "worships" the Bay Street suits.

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