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I have ordered network cables, wall plates, keystone jacks and quite a bit of other networking accessories from Monoprice. If you are buying 1 or 2 cables, then its not worth the shipping costs; however, I have not found a place that is cheaper when making a large order. 

Had I gone to Home Depot or other local stores, I would easily have spent over $250. Including shipping, I only paid $80 at Monoprice.

If you are going to be doing a large project, consider Monoprice. As much as I prefer to shop local, I will not put out more than double the cost. 
Also, if anyone else is putting together an order, consider putting it all together and splitting the shipping. I will be making another order this summer, when I renovate my living room. 

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> > http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?p_id=2404
> Hmm, don't need the cable, but never heard of monoprice before.
> Canadian? (Which only matters due to border costs, shipping costs,
> currency converting, etc.)

Monoprice is US and brokerage/taxes seem to be paid by them, which explains the high cost of shipping ($40-ish). They offer cheap cables and AV accessories, like cables of all kinds, media converters and adapters, HDTV mounting brackets, touch screen monitors, etc. If you need an HDMI cable you'll pay $60 in the store, but it's about $1.25 a foot from monoprice and you can get a variety of lengths from 1.5 feet to 100 feet. I loved reducing the clutter behind my components and I bought 25 foot cables ($30 each) and moved my components downstairs.
> Anyone got other favourite shopping sites? (Please note if Canadian.)
> As for me, I'll price check tigerdirect (3rd last resort), ncix, and
> usually end up at canadacomputers in person. I'll check futureshop and
> bestbuy is I have no other choice.

DealExtreme.com is a Hong Kong company that sells a variety of items including replacement parts for BlackBerries and iPods, and very dangerous lasers, but also shoes, hats and adult novelties. They seem to do consignment sales for a large number of manufacturers in China. Be very aware of build quality (read item reviews), be concerned about lead and cadmium content and be prepared for long delivery times (5 weeks). The shipping is free. Aside from the "burning lasers"  the coolest item is the natural bamboo keyboard and mouse. The keyboard buttons are actually made of bamboo (probably laminated.)

CellPhoneShop.net is where I picked up a load of cell phone accessories when I replaced all the Blackberries in my company. The pricing was amazing, like $2 screen protectors and $6 holsters. Also free shipping from Hong Kong. The delivery time was about a week though.

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