[kwlug-disc] OT: [About KWLUG] Invitation: Cooking for Geeks / Waterloo / Wednesday / 6pm

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sun Sep 19 00:07:31 EDT 2010

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 09/18/2010 7:41 PM:
> Richard and I could not decide whether this webform submission was too
> spammy for the list or not. It's definitely borderline, in my opinion,
> and I could have easily gone the other way. 
> I guess I am forwarding it because it is the kind of item I might 
> include at the bottom of a kwlug-announce post on request -- a local
> event intended for our demographic. But maybe that is a lousy
> criterion. 
> - Paul

I think the list is pretty good about policing itself, and, actually, 
rather tolerant.

It never hurts to post anything - at least once. (Almost?)

Certainly not this. (i.e. It doesn't hurt to post this.)

kwlug is not just about Linux, nor just about computers or 
computer/information issues, it's also about Kitchener-Waterloo. Thus 
the name.


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