[kwlug-disc] new hardward for linux - recommendations?

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> I'm looking at getting my wife a new business computer and I've been
> confused by the variety of hardware available on everything post 386.
> We need:
> 1) powerful processor.  I want to run a 64 bit version of linux on it
> though of course we don't need much power for that.  But she also runs
> virtualbox with XP inside it and that does need some horsepower.

I don't use desktops anymore (laptops only), but have a couple of desktops
acting like servers for testing performance and such.

The AMD Phenom or X4 are desktop quad core CPUs that are very capable.

2) quiet.  The box sits on her desk in our home so quiet is better.

AMD has a BIOS setting called CoolNQuiet that makes the processor run

AMD is also cheaper than Intel. The difference is more marked in laptops

I read briefly that AMD motherboards are set up to allow updating of more
> powerful CPU's coming in the future?  I like to get my machines from Dell
> but they don't typically have AMD.  Thoughts on processor,and where to buy
> are welcome.

AMD change their sockets less often than Intel. I have taken advantage of
to upgrade a server from a single core CPU to a dual core one.

Seems that their latest socket is AM3

The previous one is the AM2+, but it seems superceded
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