[kwlug-disc] .ppsx to .pdf (oh the misery)

Johnny Ferguson hyperflexed at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 17:35:22 EDT 2010

I've been given .ppsx files (supposedly some kind of play-only slideshow 
format from microshaft). I'd really like to turn them into PDFs.

I've tried all the solutions on the OOo site, and none of them seem to 
work (at least not for .ppsx (which is never listed explicitly as a 
supported format)).

Anyone know of some well-hidden solution to what I imagine is a common 
problem? Failing that, might I suggest the next FLOSS fund donation go 
towards the development of a 200 petawatt laser cannon to burn Redmond 
off the face of the earth?

I guess if no solution is available, I'll have to beg my instructor to 
click 2 extra buttons to make some PDFs (though I tried it with another, 
and he was resistant to the point of flat-out refusing).


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