[kwlug-disc] Mageia – A New Linux Distribution

Gary Walsh gwalsh at notw.ca
Sun Sep 19 22:21:05 EDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-09-19 at 21:17 -0400, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> Ah, shoot.  Anyone have any details about this?
> So mandriva has died?  Will I be able to move to this new distro 
> seamlessly?  How seasoned are these folks?  How stable will the distro be?
> All I want is to pay $75-$200 a year and have my computers kept 
> current.  I'll pay more if I have to, I don't feel any impetus to pay less.

Mandriva hasn't died.  They recently received new investment after
having financial problems.  Many developers were laid off after the
closing of subsidiary Edge-IT.  There seems to be a large movement of
developers to the new fork, but the Mandriva Cooker mailing list
functioning, and Cooker is being updated daily.  I think that it will
take a while for the new fork to become viable.  I am not ready to
abandon ship yet.  Also, there has been no official comment from
Mandriva on the development.  I am going to stick with Mandriva till it
becomes obvious whether or not the new fork is the best way to go.


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