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1. PGP keysigning party instructions
Published Blog entry by pnijjar
[ http://kwlug.org/node/772 ]

The September 2010 meeting will feature a keysigning party. 
Chris Frey (cdfrey at the domain foursquare dot net) is the KeyMaster
for this party. As part of the process, you will e-mail him your key. 
Here are his instructions for getting started, with some e-mail address

Generate new key:

                gpg --gen-key

                (Accept the defaults, they are pretty good)

Look at your shiny new key:

                gpg --list-keys

Export it to a file:

                gpg --armor --output /tmp/my-public-key --export

                Replace ID with the first ID of your key.  For example,
                my key looks like this in the --list-keys display:

                pub   1024D/DC6371D5 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]
                uid                  Chris Frey (cube)
                sub   4096g/C2855553 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]

                So my ID is DC6371D5.

Email the file my-public-key to me. (i.e. to Chris)

Show up on September 13, with your fingerprint printed out on a sheet of
paper, and ready to read it out loud.

                gpg --fingerprint


                gpg --fingerprint dc6371d5
                pub   1024D/DC6371D5 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]
                      Key fingerprint = 7D71 47F2 3F61 B0E1 5F3C  68A4
819A 39D8 DC63 71D5
                uid                  Chris Frey (cube)
                sub   4096g/C2855553 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]

At the meeting you will have to read your fingerprint and have others
vouch for your identity. Some people do this via government ID; other
people think this is not sufficient.


2. davmail, a network gateway to MS Exchange servers
Published Nominee by ilgiz
[ http://kwlug.org/node/773 ]

This neat little Java program allowed me using Thunderbird with the
corporate Exchange server.  I could get messages with IMAP, send them
with SMTP and auto-complete email addresses with LDAP.  All these
protocols are simulated by davmail on local ports.

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