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This is about going to a Linux fest that is not in Toronto. Ohio and Rochester comes to mind.
I received a quote from Avis on renting a 7 seater Chrysler minivan:
 even though it seats 7, to sit comfortably, I would say maximum is 6.
3 days for $250.00 includes 900 Kilometers.

5 people kicking in $100.00 each should cover gas and tolls to Ohio LF.
  - Richard or John could probably give a more accurate figure on the gas expense.

Rochester will cost about $60.00 each.

This is something that has to be committed to in July for a Ohio trip.

So things to plan for:

Get your passport if you don't have an up to date one.

I project that you should expect to spend $300.00  to go to Ohio:
Travel, sharing two nights in a hotel and meals.

A nice quick getaway doing something we enjoy.

The time to start thinking about this is now.


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