[kwlug-disc] DMS for linux AND MORE

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Oct 29 19:49:45 EDT 2010

Starting separate thread - interested in both.

Chris Frey wrote, On 10/29/2010 6:11 PM:
> Hi,
> With the recent thread on digitizing books, what do folks use to manage
> the resulting scans?  Is there a document management system for this
> task, or is it mostly custom?
> I assume that the software would be different if you stopped at the OCR
> stage, vs. going all the way to OCR'd web pages.

Further, how can this be leveraged into 'group' collaboration 
[(publicly accessible) intranets?]?

I get that CMS' are out there, SharePoint equivalents, google/yahoo 
groups, and so on and so forth, but I'm sort of groping here to wrap 
my head around a coherent whole. I guess I'm assuming DMS is not 
necessarily a subset of CMS', or doesn't start out that way.

I get that one picks a CMS and does <whatever> that CMS' way - perhaps 
I'm just wondering if one starts with a document, leading to DMS, 
perhaps leading to a CMS, rather than trying to grok the entirety of a 
CMS up front.

Further, what's out there for free and publicly accessible - the 
thought of Facebook makes me shudder, and google/yahoo groups seem 
inadequate (e.g. Think users and groups and file accessibility 
control.) Beyond that, is one unavoidably drawn into a world of high 
user learning curve?

Suppose kwlug had 10 sub-committees, with 1,000 active users ... where 
to start? Yes, e-mail list, file repository, controlled access to 
files, then ... ???

[Remember: free, publicly accessible over the web, low user learning 
curve.] (With high public awareness / confidence - e.g. running a 
server out of my home won't do it, nor likely would a small ISP. 
'Google' if nothing else, for some reason, feels safe to the average 
man on the street.)

I'm not necessarily talking about specific sites and solutions here, 
although those would be welcome - I don't even have confidence I know 
what concepts and paradigm's to try to comprehend.

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