[kwlug-disc] linux home accounting package

Dave Cramer davec at visibleassets.com
Fri Oct 29 05:40:55 EDT 2010

> I would have considered that "local institution compatibility" in the 90's. Why do you want your PC software to automate bill payment when the financial institution can do it for you.
> i.e. I don't pay ANY bill manually. Phone, Cable, Internet, Taxes, Water, electricity, Mortgage, insurance, magazine subscriptions ... All taken from my account automatically in due time.

Well, there are reasons. Try changing your financial institution.
AFAIK, it is the payee that is taking the money not the institution.
Is that correct ? So if you want to change banks you have to go to
every company you do business with and change it. If that is not
correct then I would like to know how you do it too.


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