[kwlug-disc] November Keysigning Party

Chris Frey cdfrey at foursquare.net
Mon Oct 25 17:46:37 EDT 2010

Hi folks,

At the last meeting, Paul asked me to run another keysigning party for
November, and somehow I nodded my head. :-)

For those that would like to join this month's party, please send me
your key via email.  If you were part of last month's party and want to
join again with the same key, just let me know, as I still have those keys.

I'm going to be lazy and use the same process as last time.  One of these
months, an eager volunteer will probably take over running the keysigning
parties and use the official Debian keysigning tool. :-)

For those who don't yet have a key, here's your 5 step process:

	1) Generate new key:

		gpg --gen-key

		(Hopefully you're running a recent version of gpg, like
		1.4.10, and if so, accept the defaults, they are pretty good)

	2) Look at your shiny new key:

		gpg --list-keys

	3) Export it to a file:

		gpg --armor --output /tmp/my-public-key --export <ID>

		Replace ID with the first ID of your key.  For examle,
		my key looks like this in the --list-keys display:

		pub   1024D/DC6371D5 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]
		uid                  Chris Frey (cube) <cdfrey at foursquare.net>
		sub   4096g/C2855553 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]

		So my ID is DC6371D5.

	4) Send the file my-public-key to me by email!

	5) Show up to the meeting, with your fingerprint printed out on
		a sheet of paper, and ready to read it out loud.
		If you want your key signed by those that require ID,
		bring a piece of photo ID.

		gpg --fingerprint <ID>


		gpg --fingerprint dc6371d5
		pub   1024D/DC6371D5 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]
		      Key fingerprint = 7D71 47F2 3F61 B0E1 5F3C  68A4 819A 39D8 DC63 71D5
		uid                  Chris Frey (cube) <cdfrey at foursquare.net>
		sub   4096g/C2855553 2006-12-02 [expires: 2011-12-01]

I look forward to meeting you at the party.
- Chris

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