[kwlug-disc] Media errors on a USB disk

Brian Nickle brian at nickle.ca
Thu Oct 21 11:12:31 EDT 2010

I recently had a small tour of a Data Recovery Firm in Guelph ON Recovery
Force (http://www.recoveryforce.com/).  I learned some really interesting
things about hard drive firmware.  If people are interested I can check and
see if one of the owners would be willing to come and talk to our LUG.

Just a tidbit of advice from experience if you "really" need the data off of
a failing hard drive don't mess around with spinrite or putting the drive in
the freezer or anything else send it off to a professional recovery service.
If it is a physical problem with the drive you can do a lot of damage by
trying these things.  If it's data that you aren't going to pay to have
recovered anyway then go ahead and play.

I'll use this thread to gage interest in having the above company or someone
else come speak about hard drive issues.We can discuss this at the social
meeting in november.

Brian Nickle
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