[kwlug-disc] UPnP Remote Desktop Server

Jason Low jaaaaayyyyy at yahoo.ca
Sun Oct 17 22:20:18 EDT 2010

Like VNC but the PS3 does not have a VNC client so I want to broadcast the 
desktop as a video in real time using UPnP.


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Jason Low wrote, On 10/17/2010 9:05 PM:
> Hello All,
> I would like to get my Linux desktop onto my TV.  I have a PS3 currently hooked 
>up to my TV for music, video and some games.  The browser is very poor on the 
>PS3.   Streaming video to the PS3 works quite well using the UPnP media server 
>on my Freenas.  I am wondering if it is possible to create a UPnP server that 
>could stream my Linux desktop as a video.  I would keep my mouse and keyboard 
>attached to my Linux machine.  Does this exist?  Thoughts?

I'm confused. You want to stream your desktop to your TV? As in VNC (remote 
control), or as in your TV acts like a 2nd monitor on your Linux box?

Or you want to be able to stream content from your Linux box to your TV (via 
your FreeNAS)? i.e. Your Linux disks are just another content source to your 

Is one of these what you're looking for?
- video card with 2nd monitor (DVI) out?
- http://xbmc.org/about/ (player)
- http://www.mythbuntu.org/ (PVR & player)
  - based on: http://www.mythtv.org/

If you clarify what you're looking to do, there are many experts on the list in 
these areas that will be able to offer advice.

On my TV, for example my component input 2 is my PVR, and my HDMI input is my 
computer - I play movies and videos from it regularly. VLC, 
http://www.videolan.org/, is a popular 'standalone' application for playing 
media files.

- even just picked up a bluetooth keyboard with a touchpad on it so I can sit on 
the couch and use the keyboard / mouse, rather than being tethered by two PS/2 
cords, or trying to find a bit of clear space to use the mouse with. Cheapest I 
could find was $43, 

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